Trustees Announce New Pricing

The trustees of Oconee Hill Cemetery announced at their November, 2017 meeting that all plots (single-space graves) will be sold at $3,000 each starting January 1, 2018. A lot includes eight grave spaces and a plot is one grave space. A single space costs $3,000, which includes the cost of the plot and perpetual care. There is a one-time administration and recording fee for an additional $70. The total for one grave space is $3,070.

A single space is 5’ x 10’ and can accommodate one casket. A lot is 20’ x 20’ and can accommodate eight plots. Until January 1, 2018 anyone can still purchase plots at the current price of $2,000 per plot by contacting the cemetery at 706-543-6262 to set an appointment.

Updated Policy Announcement From The Trustees

Flowers, wreaths, funeral designs and flags will be removed from graves when, in the judgement of the cemetery staff, they have become unsightly. Seasonal arrangements for Christmas and Easter holidays will be removed one month after the holiday.