Mary Angelina Nisbet Hull

Mary Angelina Nisbet Hull (1817-1885) married widower Henry Hull on November 12, 1846. Thereafter, she devoted her efforts to raising her stepdaughter and her own three children as well as supervising the family’s household.  During the Civil War, she joined the Athens Ladies Aid Society.   

Mary Angelina Nisbet Hull, born March 10, 1817 in Hancock County, Georgia, was the daughter of John Nisbet and Harriet Cooper Nisbet. Her father and his business partner, William Dearing, built the Athens Manufacturing Company. She married widower Henry Hull on November 12, 1846. Hull brought one child into the marriage and the couple produced three others. Her son, Augustus Longstreet Hull, remembered that his mother as a woman of average height and blonde hair who possessed skills as a musician as well has a talent for running a hectic household. Her calm demeanor and even temperament, no doubt, contributed to both skills. Her son recalled that, “nothing ever ruffled the serenity of her temper.” Henry Hull served as a mathematics professor at the University of Georgia and also served as president of the Athens Manufacturing Company. Devoted to the Presbyterian church, she attended services at every opportunity. During the Civil War she joined other prominent Athenian women in working for the Athens Ladies Aid Society. She died on May 30, 1885, age 68.

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